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Estate planning is often overlooked, especially by younger, healthier individuals or new families, but it’s important to plan ahead. It can save headaches and heartbreak in a time of grievance and loss. Blink Law estate planning attorneys can make the process easy and painless so you can rest assured your loved ones are taken care of after you are gone. We can help you draft and execute your Last Will and Testament, Guardianship, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and more to quiet all of your concerns regarding your finances, health, and property. These documents are the peace of mind when hard decisions are before you and your loved ones, such as medical decisions, financial decisions, and property distribution. 


It may seem ominous to think about the “what ifs”; but it is more ominous for your relatives to navigate the Probate Courts if all of your affairs are not in order. Let us help! 


The drafting of a Will is all about details. You do not want to make it vague, but the trick of creating a good Will is also to make it clear and concise. Our goal is to create a document that leaves absolutely no questions, so it cannot be challenged in Court. You, unfortunately, will not be around, when your Will is used, to clarify to your relatives or to the Court what you meant to write in your Will.  Let us draft around any possible pitfalls so you can rest easy knowing that all of your last wishes will be carried out.


If you are not looking to create your own Will, but unfortunately find yourself with the daunting task of becoming an Executor of a loved one’s Will after she/he passed, then we can help guide you through that process. We understand this is a highly emotional and trying time in your life. Let us worry about getting things through Court.  With or without a will, there are laws in place that are tricky at first glance, but with our expertise, we can guide you step-by-step of the probate process with practical, no-nonsense advice. The process at a glance may be as easy as opening the Estate, appointing you as Executor, issuing Letters of Testamentary, notifying creditors, settling any debts, distributing assets, and closing the Estate. In a perfect case scenario, it’s possible to do this without an attorney, but often we see clients who thought they could handle this project on their own, and then quickly realize, they cannot. And that is okay – that’s what we are here for.


There are a few problems that you may be facing after the loss of a loved one, but don’t worry as you are not alone. If you are asking “What is my loved one did not have a Will?” “What is the difference between an Administrator and an Executor?” “What happens to the land?” “What if the only surviving heir is a minor?” “What if my loved one did not appoint an Executor?” These are problems with solutions, and all problems we have dealt with.


The good news is that if the Will or other estate planning document was drafted well, not a lot if any, litigation will be necessary. In the event that litigation is necessary, do not fret. Blink Law attorneys have your back in court. We will make sure that not only your interests are protected, but also that the Estate’s interest is protected, meaning you loved one’s wishes will be carried out how she/he wanted. Good representation in court can be the difference between a family quarrel and a solid conclusion to what may seem like a nightmare.  


We also have experience in helping families needing Guardianships and Powers of Attorney. These situations are even more sensitive as they involve perhaps an elderly father who needs his adult daughter to make decisions for him, or it may involve a child about to turn 18, but who still needs a parent’s oversight. We encourage you to give us a call so we can best explain your responsibility in these situations and your loved one’s protection. 


We look forward to tackling these phases in life with you! 

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