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Property is one of the most important investments you can make as an individual or business owner. Buying or selling a piece of property can be one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever make.

At Blink Law, LLC, we offer the kind of proactive, energetic representation that allows you to move forward with confidence. Our lawyers understand the needs of both individuals and business entities of all sizes. As a boutique firm, our attorneys spend whatever time it takes to make sure that our clients fully understand all the risks and benefits of any real estate transaction.

Involved In A Real Estate Transaction?

This Is How We Can Help.


Our goal is to minimize your risks on any real estate transaction. Whether you are buying or selling, we can work with you, help you evaluate your needs and identify what type of real estate transaction will suit your goals the best.

We can assist with:

  • Purchase and sales contracts, including the purchase of rental and residential property

  • Understanding the viability of leasing commercial property versus purchasing

  • Negotiation of commercial leases, including multiunit properties

  • Easements and maintenance agreements, including those involving shared areas

  • Environmental concerns, including the cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials


We also keep the future in mind, including the tax consequences for your business related to real estate ownership. Our approach can keep you from being exposed to unnecessary liability issues far into the future.

Let Us Protect Your Interests


Before you start talking about purchase or sale agreements, talk to a lawyer at Blink Law, LLC, in Nashville, Tennessee. The contracts involved in a real estate agreement are unlike any other type of contract, so get experience and advice you can trust.

A Guide Through The Perils Of

Land Use And Zoning Laws


Numerous rules and regulations affect the development and land use of private property. If you don’t understand all your legal rights, you are at a significant disadvantage when dealing with the government and neighboring residents or businesses.

At Blink Law, LLC, our lawyers make certain that our clients understand everything that could affect their development or business, from easements and variances to proximity rules and set-back requirements. We never let our clients move forward on a lease or purchase without understanding the risks and benefits.

How We Help Our Clients Thrive


Whether you are still scouting for the perfect piece of real estate to purchase or you need help convincing the local government to approve a change in zoning on a property you already own, we are uniquely suited to help developers and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

We also have extensive experience with the following concerns:

  • Issues involving the environmental impact of virgin land development

  • Noise and odor concerns for industrial projects

  • Conditional-use permits and non-conforming uses

  • Easements and variances for developers

  • The proper development of property in agricultural or rural zones

  • Repair and restoration allowances for historic structures

  • Tax incentives and consequences of investment property


We know that entrepreneurs and developers often face push-back or hesitation from local communities when it comes to zoning changes. Our attorneys have the experience to help you overcome their hesitation and achieve the zoning approvals you need to build your dream.

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