Zoning and land use issues affect many real estate transactions

Searching for the right residential or commercial piece of land here in Nashville can take some time. Even individuals looking for residential property may run into issues with zoning and land use if they are looking for a piece of property that does not already have a home on it. Depending on the purpose for which the property will be used, these issues could interfere with a smooth real estate transaction.

Not every instance is as simple as finding out whether a piece of property is zoned for residential, industrial, commercial or some other approved use. You may decide that a certain spot of land is perfect for your needs and want to find out if the zoning can be changed. Perhaps the land use rules once made sense, but no longer do as the city has grown and shifted over the years.

It is not uncommon to find land governed by rules that could be decades old. Perhaps an old factory sat on the property for decades, but has not been used for several years. In the meantime, a residential or commercial neighborhood has grown up around it. You may want the property to continue that growth, but will first need to petition the local government for a change in order to so do.

Before going any further with a residential or commercial real estate transaction here in Nashville, be sure that the zoning and land use accommodate your vision. Even if you want to purchase a large plot of residential property to live on, but want to keep certain animals, you must first ensure that the rules allow for it. Working out these issues prior to becoming financially responsible for a piece of property could save you a considerable amount of frustration and expense.

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