Working with Coronavirus

Weird times. Dog barking while I’m on a work call that I’m taking on my personal cell while I sit in Buffalo plaid pajama pants and think about how much toilet paper I have left. What is this pandemonium? Oh, it’s not pandemonium, it’s a pandemic: the Coronavirus pandemic. A week has gone by of working from home. You know, the dream that we all wonder about that fB friends brag about, always telling tales of the freedom they have. I am here to tell a different tale, from the perspective of the office-anchored attorney who now has lost count of her last shower, but has a current count of Lysol wipes she has left.

Monday: Intrigued by the opportunity, I decided to home from home for the entire day as I had no in-person meetings. This day was extremely productive. I am a morning person, so I got out of bed fully motivated and was already set up and working at my kitchen island turned desk by 8:00 a.m. I missed the 15 minutes of adjusting and settling in that I usually take at the office to put my lunch in the fridge, get coffee, use the restroom, etc. I kept busy and focused as I had many court dates to reset due to Court’s canceling proceedings for the rest of the month. I was comfortable and free from the distractions of office neighbors, stuffy lawyer clothes, or unannounced client drop-bys. Postmated Chipotle to my front door, and never missed a beat.

Fast forward to Friday and this what has occurred: Halo Top for lunch. Raw veggie dogs or dinner. I call in for one of my appointments, and although there was not a peep from my otherwise sleeping dog, she now decides to let out a loud, solid, bark. I know that was only the beginning. I race to my laptop charger, yank the cord from the wall and wisk my computer to the first available room. I slam the door shut all while explaining the factors of alimony. Now, my bed is a desk that I must kneel on my knees to sit at. Didn’t miss a keystroke. The barks are now faint and I think go by unnoticed. I have begun to find myself humming Christmas tunes in my head with Coronavirus-themed words. We are talking “It’s beginning to look a lot like … a pandemic, nothing in any store…”

The reality of this is that it is unprecedented and we are trying to make it work the best we can. Sam Blink has said he started this firm with a laptop and internet and that is really at this point what some of us are going to be working with the next few weeks. Stay healthy out there.

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