Prenuptial Agreements are just that, they are agreements, or contracts between multiple parties. They are specifically designed to assist two people who are interested in marrying one another, and they instruct on each individual’s assets and property are to be characterized and displaced in the event that the parties should ever divorce. But they serve other useful purposes as well.

More importantly, one shouldn’t become miffed or irritated by their fiancé broaching the subject or suggesting a prenuptial agreement. For one, it’s a two-way street, meaning both parties have the benefit of protecting their own assets and protecting them from leaving their family. In community states, such as Tennessee, statutory provisions dictate how property and assets are to be divided in divorce, and a well-written prenuptial agreement allows both parties to circumvent those draconian laws and to specifically dictate for themselves how their property and belongings are to be handled in their own divorce.

Finally, the prenup can be invaluable in the event that either marries spouse becomes deceased and were without a will. In the absence of such, their prenuptial agreement would dictate how their assets and belongings are to be dispersed and those instructions can be as general or precise as you like. There are several nuances and restrictions to consider when preparing a prenuptial agreement, and for that reason, it is strongly advised that you meet with our team of attorneys to discuss your matter, before attempting to draft or enter into a prenuptial agreement of our own.

As always, the consultation is free, and our attorneys are happy to answer any question under the sun. Please make time to stop by or schedule a phone consultation, and do not be intimidated or disheartened by the topic of your own prenuptial agreement. If used correctly, they are a valuable tool and resource available to you and your fiancé, and we can help you navigate the preparation of your own, and we would be glad to meet with both of you to discuss your future.

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