Tennessee helps businesses comply with environmental law

Nearly every state has green initiatives designed to keep the air and water clean while protecting their residents. Tennessee is no exception. The state’s Green Star Partnership helps businesses who want to do more than just comply with environmental law.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation facilitates this program. Manufacturers who contribute to and commit to the sustainability of their operations receive recognition from the partnership. In return for those efforts, the Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices promotes these companies through social media, webinars, internet blogs and other sources. Companies can put the partnership’s logo on their websites, engage in networking and receive educational opportunities.

Why is this important? These days, the environment is a significant social awareness topic. People want to work with companies who care as much about the environment as they do.

Participating in this program could help with the success of the businesses. In order to maintain the integrity of the partnership, companies must undergo annual checkups. The partnership has certain eligibility and reporting requirements. In order to receive the benefits of participation, a company must continuously comply with them.

Many Tennessee companies understand that they need to comply with, and even exceed, the requirements of environmental law. As society continues to increase its awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, more companies are looking for ways to increase their success. A big part of that is “going green.” When those companies want to know how to best make that happen, they could turn to programs such as the Tennessee Green Star Partnership, along with an experienced attorney who can help make sure they comply with all of the applicable laws.

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