Save money by embracing sustainability

As environmental awareness has become more widespread, “going green” is no longer countercultural — it’s a mainstream ideology in Nashville and throughout much of the United States and world. Adopting practices to conserve natural resources, reduce harmful emissions, and strive for energy efficiency brings not only benefits for the planet but also productivity advantages for your business as you reduce operating costs.

It’s estimated that due to inefficiencies many American companies waste as much as 30% of their energy spending. That’s why it’s smart to have your business appoint someone to be in charge of making energy decisions that will reduce overhead utility costs. This includes auditing all your company’s lighting fixtures and electronics to ensure they are energy-efficient and making plans to replace them if they aren’t. Furthermore, your company’s HVAC system needs an energy assessment and regular maintenance to be sure it’s as efficient as possible while keeping your workplace comfortable.

Installing solar panels is also a great (and tax-deductible) way to reduce your electric bill. Solar panels could cut your business’ energy expenses in half in the long-run or even potentially generate 100% of your electricity. The power company would even pay you to buy the excess energy you could possibly generate.

The following are some other ways your business could improve its bottom line and promote sustainability by going green:

  • Make use of green tax credits

  • Use telecommuting or video conferences

  • Reduce your paper waste

  • Filter your own water instead of buying bottled water

  • Give employees incentives for carpooling or using public transportation

  • Provide cleaner air by planting greenery around the business property

  • Promote your green efforts to attract customers and investors

Help with the details

Small changes can have big results, and you can manage many of those on your own. Larger environmental concerns may, however, require some help. When it comes to the local, state, and federal laws regulating environmental conservation, there can be a lot of rules your business has o obey. Otherwise, you may end up losing money to costly fines and lawsuits. Having an experienced Nashville attorney look into your company’s legal and environmental situation can help you better understand your options and make decisions that may help improve your business’ future.

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