Nashville real estate developers are using outdoor space wisely

One of the goals of any development is to bring in as much traffic as possible. The more attractive a real estate project is to the target market, the more likely they are to frequent it and use the facilities it contains whether they be retail, office or some other type of property. For this reason, Nashville real estate developers are beginning to pay more attention to the outdoor, public spaces of their projects. Giving people a reason to remain at an establishment longer than they ordinarily would may increase business. Putting in places to sit and enjoy a beverage, browse their social media, make calls and respond to emails, and watch their children play could mean people will linger and revisit the establishments inside. With mixed-use buildings and communities on the rise, a developer may not have the luxury of neglecting this space. Statues, gardens and other visually interesting spaces make it more pleasurable for pedestrians as they move from one aspect of the development to another. This would probably draw more business than a utilitarian parking lot or garage and plain sidewalks. Environmental friendly and sustainable spaces are drawing more attention these days, so incorporating these elements as well could prove invaluable to a new development. The business of real estate development is undergoing substantial changes as the needs of the people the developments serve change. People want to live, work and play in the same spaces these days. They want to feel as though they are more of a consideration in how companies create the spaces they frequent. Maximizing the outdoor space of a development is just one way to give Nashville residents and visitors what they want.

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