Most businesses need to address environmental law concerns

When opening a new business, Tennessee owners need to address numerous issues. One that some may forget to attend to is compliance with any environmental law associated with the industry. Preserving the environment is at the forefront of much of the public’s minds these days, and a noncompliant business may not only have problems with federal and state officials, but with its customer base as well.

The primary governmental agency most business owners are familiar with is the Environmental Protection Agency. However, Tennessee also has its own environmental agency that addresses issues specific to the state and with which a business must also comply. Certain industries must comply with more rules, laws and regulations than others do, but they are all just as important.

For instance, a vehicle maintenance shop will need to comply with more regulations than a business that does not deal with oil, gas, transmission fluid and more. Once these regulations are met, a business owner must turn his or her attention to making the environment safe for employees. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration addresses many of these concerns. Thereafter, consumer safety and perception need attention as well, which could create good will with customers.

Understanding the environmental law that applies to a particular Tennessee business may require some research. Missing even one could result in adverse dealings with state and federal agencies such as the EPA or OSHA depending on the circumstances. Even though it may take time and money in advance to get into compliance, many companies find that is is worth it.

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