How environmental law applies to owning a nail salon

Owning a nail salon here in Nashville could provide a lucrative business opportunity. Making this type of business a success includes providing a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Due to the number of chemicals used in many salons, owners must adhere to numerous environmental law requirements to achieve that goal.

Customers often do not run the same risks as employees since they do not ordinarily spend hours each day in the salon. They are in and out on an occasional basis, but that does not negate the need to protect them. However, the focus is keeping the environment safe for employees. The Environmental Protection Agency even provides guidance for nail salon owners on this topic.

Employees need the proper masks and gloves to protect them from the chemicals they use. A dust mask alone is not enough. Nail salons need adequate ventilation and workers need training to safely handle the products of the trade. They also need to understand how to prevent, or at least limit, the exposure to the chemicals in the salon that could put their health at risk. The more they know about the ingredients they work with, the better the chances are they can avoid overexposure that leads to adverse health consequences.

Understanding a Nashville owner’s environmental law obligations associated with owning a nail salon is crucial. When people think of businesses having to deal with the EPA, this type of business often does not come to mind. However, this work environment can be one of the most dangerous for employees. Failing to comply with the applicable laws and regulations could mean big problems for an otherwise successful business.

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