How does environmental law apply to your business?

Many Tennessee business owners need to ask themselves this question. In a time when federal, state and local governments are increasingly stressing the need to comply with environmental law, violating them could prove costly, especially to a small, new or growing business. Moreover, consumers and the public are demanding that companies provide and use more environmentally sustainable practices.

Most people expect certain businesses, such as mining operations, industrial plants, and oil and gas companies, to have a plethora of environmental laws and regulations to adhere to. It may surprise you to know that many other industries also have environmental issues. If you are not aware of the ones that apply to your Tennessee business, you could end up facing fines, cleanup costs or worse.

People forget that everyday businesses they frequent or own, such as dry cleaners, nail salons and auto shops, all use chemicals and processes that could endanger the environment, workers and consumers. For this reason, it only makes sense to take the time to find out what laws you must comply with in order to avoid adverse consequences. The laws regarding the storage, disposal and use of certain chemicals, substances and materials can be complex, and government agencies expect you to understand them.

An environmental law attorney could assist you with deciphering the laws, rules and regulations that apply to your particular business, if any. Knowing what is expected of you from the beginning could prevent problems in the future that could jeopardize your business. In addition to the outlay of cash in fines, penalties and more, you could lose customers and public confidence if it appears you do not do what you can to protect the environment.

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