How can you rezone land or a building for your business?

Cities like Nashville change and evolve. Areas that were once residential could become business districts, while outlying former agricultural areas may become residential areas. It is also possible for a company to buy up multiple adjacent residential plots in the hope of putting in a storefront or possibly an industrial facility.

If you want to use a property your company recently acquired for a purpose other than what it’s zoning currently allows, you will need to make a rezoning request before you go any further with your business plans. Rezoning involves submitting a formal application that details your building and business plans to the Nashville Planning Commission.

If you take action and begin construction without having the property rezoned, you may find yourself in violation of zoning ordinances and unable to conduct business. Following the appropriate channels can take time, but it will also help protect your company and its assets.

Rezoning any property near Nashville takes time

The first thing you need to understand is that finding an application to rezone a piece of property is not a very fast process. Without any major issues, errors or conflicts, you will need to wait on average between three and five months from the submission of your application to the final ruling. There are several reasons why it takes so long to rezone an area.

First, various Nashville officials in different departments will want to review the application. The idea is to ensure that the way you intend to use the property is consistent with development plans for the area and will not harm the local ecosystems. The delay is also important because it would give us time to provide the community with notification of your intended changes. That allows residents to gather evidence and plan to speak at a public hearing in the future regarding your desired change.

Other people who live in the area or who own property nearby have a right to have their opinions on the matter heard. Finally, the Planning Commission will review all of the documentation and make a recommendation to the Nashville Metropolitan Council. The Council will hold a public hearing and then make a final decision. If they approve your rezoning request, the mayor will need to sign off on it before it is official.

Rezoning requires careful planning and attention to detail

Ideally, your application will meet with support from Nashville city officials and will not encounter negativity from other people who own nearby properties. The more contested a rezoning effort becomes, the more drawn-out and expensive the process can be.

Paying close attention to detail, submitting thorough records and making sure that you comply with all state and local ordinances throughout the rezoning application process can improve your chances of success.

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