Get to know the Pollution Prevention Act's impact on business

Running a business, you want to make sure you do what’s right for yourself and your community. Part of that is knowing about your business’s role in protecting the environment. You personally want to make sure that your business is following the laws and regulations of the state, because you don’t want to be fined or shut down.

That’s why you should get to know the Pollution Prevention Act, also known as P2. P2 was passed in 1990. The Pollution Prevention Act is implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the law is to reduce pollution through source reduction. Essentially, your business would be expected to reduce pollution or prevent pollution at the source by making changes to the materials you use, the production techniques used and the operation schedule you implement.

Congress declared a national policy with the act. It stated that the national policy of the United States is that pollution should be reduced or prevented at the source when possible. If it cannot be prevented, then it needs to be recycled in whatever way is safe for the environment. It also declares that disposing of waste into the environment should be avoided unless it is the only remaining option.

The EPA was given the right to provide grants to states to assist in source reduction. If you are approached by the EPA or asked to reduce pollution coming from your facility, that may be one option that could help you finance it. Our website has more on pollution, waste and how you can make your company greener and in line with the federal and state requirements.

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