Environmental law concerns for trucking companies

One of the most efficient ways to move goods across Tennessee, and the country, is by truck. This includes all kinds of goods, including those considered hazardous materials. Moving these products must comply with a variety of regulations, including some related to environmental law. The reason for this is to help ensure that hazardous materials such as gasoline do not end up polluting the air, ground or groundwater.

Regardless of how many precautions a trucking company takes, accidents will happen. In some instances, the contents of the trailer spill onto the ground. For instance, a recent accident in another states involving a truck transporting gasoline wrecked. When it rolled over, thousands of gallons of fuel ended up leaking from its container.

In addition to taking measures to eliminate the risk of explosion, emergency responders took measures to contain the spilled fuel to prevent it from seeping into the ground and into the groundwater. Despite their efforts, around 1,500 gallons of fuel ended up out in the environment. The obvious portion of the cleanup took approximately 16 hours, but the environmental cleanup will take more time. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and local authorities will more than likely continue to monitor the nearby marsh area and the water supply for contamination.

As would be the case for a trucking company here in Tennessee, the owner of the gasoline truck must bear the expense of the cleanup. It must conform with environmental law at the local, state and possibly federal level depending on the degree of contamination. The company could potentially face other consequences for a spill such as this one, so understanding the potential ramifications of this type of scenario is essential.

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