Doubling down on one piece of Nashville real estate

Developing enough residential housing to meet demands of the Nashville housing market may be easier said than done. Even so, it may be possible to take advantage of a zoning policy that allows a builder to double down on one piece of real estate. In fact, you may have already seen single-family homes being demolished in order to make room for something new.

That something new is the building of “skinny houses.” Numerous neighborhoods here in Nashville are being transformed by this phenomenon. It falls under a zoning policy called the horizontal property regime. It allows two homes to be built on a lot previously meant for a single family home. Townhouses most commonly fit under this policy, and now, more of these types of homes are under construction.

The demand for housing increases as Nashville continues to grow. Developers are responding to this demand by building more skinny houses in neighborhoods previously reserved for single-family homes. Zoning in areas where these homes are built falls under multi-family, two-family residential buildings or mixed-use zoning regulations. The point is that a single piece of property can be occupied by more than one dwelling, which could cut costs for owners while providing additional housing for buyers.

While this may be attractive to real estate developers, it is still important to make sure that all rules and regulations are met before beginning to build. A developer cannot simply tear down a single family home and put up skinny houses without first making sure that the area is properly zoned to do so. If it is not, it may be possible to change the zoning to fit the circumstances.

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