Don't forget about parking when negotiating a commercial lease

Finding the right location to rent for a business here in Nashville probably took some time. Now, the owner is anxious to get through the formalities and get into the space. The problem is, accepting the first draft of a commercial lease from the property owner could cause issues in the future for a prospective tenant.

Even as a first-time renter, a small business owner may benefit from knowing that the lease terms might not be written in stone. A Nashville property owner will want to protect his or her interests, but that does not mean that a prospective tenant cannot do the same. He or she can go through the lease to determine whether any provisions need revision or omission. In some cases, new terms may need to be included.

One thing that new renters may overlook is parking. Without adequate parking for those working in the space and customers, it could be challenging to make the business successful in that location. If parking is limited, it may be necessary to sacrifice in other areas. If plenty of parking is available, it might be possible to have it included in the base rental price or initially added for free for a limited amount of time.

Regardless of how the parking situation works out, it is something worth negotiating in a commercial lease. In fact, this is just one of many issues a business owner and prospective tenant may negotiate. In order to help ensure that the best deal possible is reached, it could be beneficial to seek out the advice of an experience attorney.

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