Do you know what intellectual property includes?

When you started your business here in Nashville, you may have taken steps to ensure that your business assets were protected. However, you may have missed one category of property that could have significant value — your intellectual property. Most businesses have some form of intellectual property, and if you are not sure what may fit into this category, it could be at risk.

You may already be aware that you may need to patent an invention in order to protect it from someone else using it without permission. However, did you know that any original works of art, music, writing or other creative works may obtain protection as well? If you created a brand name and image for your business, you may be able to take steps to protect that, too.

Many people can identify materials that may require patents, copyrights, and trademarks, but identifying trade secrets may be a bit more of a challenge. It’s a good idea to review all aspects of your business to determine whether you have trade secrets that require protection in order to keep them from being revealed. If this type of information gets outside your company, it could jeopardize its success.

If you know you have these types of intellectual property or are unsure whether you do, it makes sense to review your situation with a Nashville attorney experienced in this area of law. In addition to obtaining patents, copyrights and trademarks, other measures may be necessary in order to secure your intellectual property. This may include requiring employees and others to sign non-compete and nondisclosure agreements providing some legal recourse if anyone involved violates those agreements.

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