Data privacy tips for startups

Data privacy and security are essential for any business. Given that the average data breach results in almost $4 million in losses, you need to make sure that your startup company develops good data security habits from the very start.

Are you ready to strategically approach the issue? Here are some tips you can use:

Be clear about your policy. All companies collect consumer data that comes flowing into their websites, so consumers aren’t alarmed by that. They do, however, have a right to know what you’re doing. Have a clear privacy policy that spells out exactly what data you collect and how you protect consumer confidentiality.

Secure the data carefully. You should have a paid firewall and antivirus programs on all company devices (and your own private devices if you use them to access the company files). This will lessen the possibility that someone will send a piece of malware through your devices and steal your collected information. (Just make sure that you keep all programs updated).

Be selective about who has access to your data. Not every employee needs to have access to confidential information, and they shouldn’t. Make sure that you limit access to employees who actually have a reason to use or review the data and insist on secure passwords that are updated regularly. (Don’t let anybody get away with using their birthday.) Ask contractors for a privacy agreement that will further protect your data.

Invest in workplace education. Your employees will have a better sense of the importance of cyber-security and good safety practices if you take the time to regularly discuss their importance and offer anti-phishing, anti-theft education.

Despite your best efforts, data breaches can still happen. If it happens to your business, don’t hesitate to speak to an experienced attorney right away.

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