Blink Law Entrepreneur Summit: Compliance with the Law is 10 Times Cheaper than Non-Compliance

Are you a new entrepreneur trying to figure out your next best steps for getting your business certified and off the ground? While the allure of starting a new business can be appealing and exciting, there are important certifications a new business owner should obtain to follow the law and protect themselves and their business from lawsuits.

Some of the steps important for new business owners to take include having contractual documents such as their operating agreement or bylaws drafted, getting state-certified, registering their entities with the IRS and the state department of revenue, and obtaining their local business license.

While starting to offer new products or services without all those pieces of business completed may seem OK initially to some business owners, professionals who work in corporate compliance will often tell you that it is usually 10 times cheaper to comply with the law ahead of time versus complying later.

If a business is not formed correctly, their contracts will leave them vulnerable to litigation. If the company did not diligently form their business, the litigation could result in the owners being personally liable for the debt and other debts of the company. This unnecessarily puts your life savings and family at risk which simple prudence with a qualified attorney could have prevented.

Our Upcoming Conference

We know from our clients how daunting a task it can be to have to think through the best ways to structure a new business and get together all the needed paperwork. To make the process easier, we’ve decided to host our first Entrepreneur Summit this February, and we think attending, getting your business in legal compliance and hearing from our lineup of speakers will offer a great return on investment.

Business owners who pre-register for the summit will get one-on-one assistance to get all their appropriate business registrations completed, with the added bonus of getting to hear from speakers on tax, legal and business best practices. There will also be opportunities to network with other attendees and Blink Law attorneys with expertise in corporate law, corporate litigation, real estate and estate planning.

If you are a business owner who has already obtained your various business registrations and licenses, you will have an opportunity to have your business strategy reviewed and make any amendments necessary for continued growth and profits.

All attendees will leave the summit with a portfolio of records needed to start their business, documents needed for ongoing obligations, and a list of contacts who can assist with protecting and growing their business.

Normally in Nashville, getting all your business startup work done can cost anywhere from $1,500–$10,000 depending on the complexity of a new company’s business model. Our summit’s $2,000 registration fee is our normal base rate for registering businesses with the appropriate entities, which normally doesn’t come with a stellar lineup of speakers and the opportunity to network.

Even if you can’t make it to our February summit, we hope you make well-guided decisions as you start your business and get good counsel. We recently had a client come to us after spending $9,000 at an event like our upcoming summit, but the client walked away from the event without even getting a tax ID number or an operating agreement! While $9,000 may or may not be a lot to you, one sure thing is that, when you’re a budding entrepreneur, you want to use your resources wisely. We certainly think our upcoming summit will be a wise investment for any new or existing business owner looking to get their affairs in order. With the Great Resignation still in effect, there are many new entrepreneurs, and we want to be a resource to anyone we can, locally and regionally. We can’t wait to work with our summit attendees over the next few weeks and on Feb. 2.

To register for our 2022 Entrepreneur Summit, visit or search for “Blink Law Entrepreneur Summit” on For more information on Blink Law and the summit, visit or @BlinkLawLLC on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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