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We Can Protect Your Intellectual Property From Exploitation

Intellectual property is the most valuable asset a business today can own — but if you do not protect it, you may lose it.

Your ideas have value and the potential to change the world. One wrong move, however, can leave your intellectual property up for grabs, causing you to lose out on the benefits of your own hard work.

At Blink Law, LLC, our lawyers understand the importance of intellectual property for entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries and businesses of all kinds. We tailor our representation to our clients’ unique businesses. We have a diverse, nimble practice, and we never cut corners.

Fixing Vulnerabilities Wherever We Find Them

We can conduct a complete review of all your intellectual assets to see which ones are vulnerable to exploitation or theft. We will then show you how those vulnerabilities can be fixed and take the necessary legal steps to do so.

We can assist virtually any business or industry with:

  • Copyrights: These protect original works of art, writing, music or other creative endeavors from being copied without permission.
  • Patents: These offer exclusive rights on processes and inventions that are useful, new and not obvious, including improvements on existing inventions.
  • Trademarks: These protect your brand’s unique name and image, distinguishing you so that other brands cannot capitalize on your success through unfair competition.
  • Trade secrets: Not all your confidential business information can be protected through copyrights, patents or trademarks. Trade secret law can help you protect it from being disclosed and misused.

We can also advise businesses of all sizes on various aspects of contract law that pertain to intellectual property, including nondisclosure agreements and noncompete clauses.

Let Us Help You Protect What’s Yours

We help businesses of all sizes and have extensive experience with emerging companies and entrepreneurs. Please contact us at our Nashville, Tennessee, office by calling 615-953-9944 or through our online form to schedule a consultation with an attorney.