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A Solid Defense When You Stand Accused

If you’ve been arrested, it is critical to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who can defend your interests and work relentlessly toward the best possible outcome of your case.

At Blink Law, LLC, we know that anyone can be charged with a crime. We also know that it probably feels like your entire life has just been turned upside down. Our goal is to make it easier to get your life back on track again.

A Broad Criminal Practice With A Narrow Goal

Time is of the essence in any criminal case. The longer you go without legal advice, the more likely you will fall victim to prosecutorial tactics that can hurt your case.

Our lawyers will defend you no matter what kind of charges you face. From misdemeanors to federal crimes, we have the experience and knowledge to defend your rights. Our singular goal is a positive resolution for you.

We can defend you against charges that include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drug charges, including possession and prescription drug offenses
  • Assault and battery or other violent crime charges
  • Charges involving tax fraud, tax evasion and other white collar crimes

No matter your situation, there are possible defenses available to you. It takes a thorough understanding of lawful procedures to know whether your rights have been violated during a search. It takes experience to understand the nature of the charges against you and maximize your chances of reducing them. We have that type of knowledge and will use it to your benefit.

Put A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney In Your Corner

The prosecution has the power of the government to lean on. You need someone to stand on your side as you fight back. Contact Blink Law, LLC, today to find out how we can help you with your predicament.Call 615-953-9944 or contact us online as soon as possible. We are conveniently located in Nashville, Tennessee.