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A good contract protects both parties in a transaction. It sets expectations, establishes each party’s rights and obligations, safeguards resources and provides the tools to resolve negative issues when necessary.

Blink Law represents those who have been wronged by a party that has not fulfilled its contractual duty, better known as breaching a contract. We also represent those who have been wrongfully accused of breaching a contract. ​

Who We Represent


Blink Law represents parties in disputes over the following types of contracts:


No matter what type of contract is in dispute, we can offer clear, direct advice and help you craft a positive solution.

Attention To Detail

Avoids Confusion And Conflicts

It’s always better to avoid legal issues whenever possible. A well-drafted contract can help do that. In construction contracts, for example, our attorneys can help clients draft workable contracts that specifically define all the important issues. We help clients think through the process and negotiate the time limits of a contract, prices involved in labor and materials, payment arrangements, penalties for incomplete work or late payments and manners of resolution for disputes.

We help our clients understand the rules and procedures used in a given industry so that they know exactly what the expectations are. We also explain the risks of each contract, especially concerning arbitration clauses and obligations over attorney fees. We also make certain that a contract is legally enforceable, which is critical to avoid disappointments and wasted effort.

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