A Litigious Industry

Construction attracts more litigation than Nashville attracts rainy days and bachelorettes. There are a handful of causes behind construction litigation that come up again and again. Most are contract obligation related. Regardless of what’s at issue with a construction problem, Blink Law is ready to obtain the best solution for you.

Blink Law can handle all the causes behind Construction Litigation

  • Construction Quality

When construction is not up to standard, the building poses a threat to those who enter and could lead to catastrophic consequences. In some cases, the product may not anesthetically turn out the way the owner discussed with the contractor. Either way, a dangerous or flawed project will lead to more costs, more labor, and more time. The blame tends to fall on the contractor.


  • Construction Delay

Weather, permits, material, labor, safety, noise are a few things that can cause a construction delay. The contractor and owner are placed in a sticky situation when a delay interferes with the contract deadline.


  • Nonpayment

In the case that the general or subcontractor completes a project and the owner does not provide the agreed-upon compensation, you’ve got an issue. The contractor can sue for non-payment. And the damage doesn’t stop there. Such news can travel quickly and the owner may have trouble finding contractors in the future due to their bad reputation.


  • Injuries

Accident prevention measures don’t always work at construction sites and nobody is impervious to serious injuries. Construction injuries happen every day. There are many factors to consider before deciding who is at fault. When there is no clear liability waiver outlined, the issue at hand is the contract.

This list is non exhaustive, and Blink Law is prepared to represent you with any legal issue that arises out of a construction project.

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