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Corporate Transactions

We Help You Keep Overhead Low

Structuring corporate transactions correctly is key to keeping your business expenses down. Every corporate transaction has liability, tax and monthly expenditure implications.

At Blink Law, LLC, our team understands the extensive regulatory field that needs to be navigated during secured and unsecured corporate transactions. Our boutique firm is flexible and understands our clients’ varying needs when structuring a transaction. Our attorneys will make sure to push our clients towards their goals, but also protect them from liability, all while navigating the best tax advantages.

If your company needs guidance during a corporate transaction, put your trust in the team at Blink Law, LLC.

We Can Navigate Your Company Through Many Unique Transactions

There are numerous types of transactions during which your company may seek guidance. We can walk you through:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Debt financing (both lenders & borrowers)
  • Real estate financing
  • Real estate transactions
  • Health care transactions
  • Franchising
  • Capital markets and securities

It is critical to obtain the right guidance for your business while navigating these highly regulated transactions that can have lasting effects, from years of debt and tax implications to potential liability. Our boutique firm can give your business and your transaction the attention it needs.


Let Us Be Your Guiding Hand

Let the experienced attorneys at Blink Law, LLC, guide your business through the complicated transactions you encounter. Our boutique firm is convenient to work with and flexible to our clients’ needs. We can give you the attention you need to get every detail in your transaction right to help your business avoid problems before they arise.

For more information on how Blink Law, LLC, can assist your business in a corporate transaction, please contact us at 615-953-9944 or via email to schedule a consultation in our office in Nashville, Tennessee. We look forward to helping you achieve your best possible tomorrow.