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Blink Law, LLC, makes protecting your business our business. Like the entrepreneurs we serve, our boutique firm allows us to be flexible and quick on our feet. We provide guidance to business owners and managers as they navigate the challenges of legal compliance and balance the risks inherent in running a business.



Blink Law will help your business in all aspects of complicated contracts. Blink Law will draft your contract to protect you and your business, we will negotiate the contract on your behalf, or we will simply review your contract to make sure it’s fair for you and your business. Of course, we litigate contract issues, too.


Blink Law represents businesses in a wide array of legal areas, including​:

  • Business formation

  • Business Planning & Structure

  • Cannabis

  • Commercial transactions and secured transactions

  • Compliance

  • Contract Services

  • Corporate counsel services

  • Litigation Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Real Estate

  • Tax     

  • Trademark filings and disputes

Getting Your Business

Started Is Our Business


Choosing the right type of structure for your business is tremendously important. It affects your management needs, has massive implications for your taxes and controls your liabilities.

At Blink Law, LLC, our lawyers understand that no single business entity is right for every client or industry. We take a boutique approach to the law, offering comprehensive business services and a careful exploration of each client’s business models, assets and goals before we make a recommendation on structure.

Your job is getting your business ideas ready to put into action. Our job is to help you find the right way to get started.

No Matter What Type Of Business You Have, We Can Help You Organize It


There are numerous legal structures for businesses, each with unique drawbacks and benefits. We can walk you through everything you need to know about:

  • Sole proprietorships

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Partnership agreements between spouses and nonspouses

  • Forming a limited liability company

  • Incorporating a small business

  • Reorganizing the structure of an existing business

  • Creating a business for holding real estate or other assets


Choosing a structure is just the first of many important decisions you need to make for your business. We want to give you the foundation for all the upcoming decisions you must make. We want to be a truly reliable resource for all our business clients.

Dedicated Service For Our Clients,

Now And In The Future


We don’t just want to be your attorney when you are getting started. We want to craft a relationship that will last for years. We want to help your business find a solid legal footing today and want to be there in the future as you go through transitions and encounter occasional problems. We want to be your business attorney for a lifetime.

Corporate Transactions

We Help You Keep Overhead Low


Structuring corporate transactions correctly is key to keeping your business expenses down. Every corporate transaction has liability, tax and monthly expenditure implications.

At Blink Law, LLC, our team understands the extensive regulatory field that needs to be navigated during secured and unsecured corporate transactions. Our boutique firm is flexible and understands our clients’ varying needs when structuring a transaction. Our attorneys will make sure to push our clients towards their goals, but also protect them from liability, all while navigating the best tax advantages.

If your company needs guidance during a corporate transaction, put your trust in the team at Blink Law, LLC.

We Can Navigate Your Company

Through Many Unique Transactions


There are numerous types of transactions during which your company may seek guidance. We can walk you through:


It is critical to obtain the right guidance for your business while navigating these highly regulated transactions that can have lasting effects, from years of debt and tax implications to potential liability. Our boutique firm can give your business and your transaction the attention it needs.


Let Us Be Your Guiding Hand


Let the experienced attorneys at Blink Law, LLC, guide your business through the complicated transactions you encounter. Our boutique firm is convenient to work with and flexible to our clients’ needs. We can give you the attention you need to get every detail in your transaction right to help your business avoid problems before they arise.

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