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What's In A Name?

Do you know the laws and legal steps you must take in order to change your name? In Tennessee, it's actually pretty simple, but you do have to follow certain steps and check a few boxes. All these rules can be found in Tennessee Code Title 29 Chapter 8. This statute sets out the procedure of what to file where and the requirements you must meet. We will explore some of the nuances below.

Pardon My Impeachment

With the recent developments concerning the impeachment of Donald Trump, what better time for a refresher course in Constitutional Law and the parameters surrounding the process of impeachment, and the validity of the President's claim that he would simply pardon himself if he were to be impeached. We're here to unpack all of it . . . right here in the Blink Tank. 

Express Easement

An easement is a non-possessory interest in land owned by another. The holder of the easement interest has limited use or enjoyment of the land without interference form the property owner. The holder of the easement (the person or property benefiting from the easement) is known as the dominant estate. The property owner whose land the easement is on is the servient estate.

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