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Protecting intellectual property in the video game world

Nashville gamers will more than likely recognize the name Riot Games. Part of why they recognize the name is due to its trademark, which the company says is under fire from an esports group called Riot Squad. Riot Games decided to take steps to protect its intellectual property by filing a trademark infringement claim against Riot Squad. 

The environmental law that governs gas stations

Some Nashville small business owners decide that owning a gas station, often with an attached convenience store, is the way to go. Most of these businesses are franchises, which provide a name, products and other things that make opening such a business a bit easier. However, franchisees have many issues to be aware of and deal with regardless of the franchisor. A gas station, or gasoline dispensing facility, must comply with environmental law regardless of whether it comes from the federal, state or local government.

Renegotiation of the contract of FOX and Dish takes a dark turn

Many of the agreements between Tennessee businesses have an expiration date in order to allow the parties to either continue or leave the relationship. If the parties wish to continue their contractual relationship, the renegotiation of the contract will commence. However, if the parties have trouble reaching an agreement, one party may stop providing goods or services for a variety of reasons.

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