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Environmental law concerns for trucking companies

One of the most efficient ways to move goods across Tennessee, and the country, is by truck. This includes all kinds of goods, including those considered hazardous materials. Moving these products must comply with a variety of regulations, including some related to environmental law. The reason for this is to help ensure that hazardous materials such as gasoline do not end up polluting the air, ground or groundwater.


The law is always changing and evolving to meet the needs of society, and there is one recent change in Tennessee Family Law could have a great impact over custody battles. Until July, 01st, 2019, it was required that one parent must be designated as the Primary Residential Parent. The other parent then was stuck as the Alternate Residential Parent. This was the case even in situations where both parents exercised equal parenting time. As you can imagine, this created lots of fights between parents, often rooted by pride or stigma.

Business law provides for equitable relief for breach of contract

It should not be unusual to rely on the parties to a contract to do what they say they will do. Unfortunately, many Nashville business owners run up against issues with other parties who fail to adhere to the obligations they agreed to in the contracts between them. In those cases, injured parties can rely on business law to seek restitution for their losses, but not all relief is monetary. Equitable relief is also available in a breach of contract dispute.

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