So, you’ve got creditors on your back?

Bankruptcy happens and it’s not fun. The harassment of creditors is inflicting significant stress on you, and its unclear how you’ll move forward or if you even can. Blink law LLC is here to assure you that there is a “reset” button!  We are dedicated to getting our clients their life back by unshackling them from unimaginable debt and putting them on the road toward financial stability.

What we’ll do

Upon evaluation of your situation, and making sure you understand your options, we’ll determine whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is appropriate.

  • Chapter 7- The “Fresh Start” provision. This code allows you to wipe out all of your debts. One of our talented attorneys will show the court that you are unable, based upon your budget, to pay the debt that’s crippling your life.

  • Chapter 13- This provision is suitable for those with large amounts of debt that cannot be discharged through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Regardless of which Chapter we file, Blink Law will handle credit counseling, court appearances, the tedious paperwork, and much more.


We’re prepared


The team at Blink Law is the experienced firm you need in these troubling circumstances. In serving as Of Counsel for Robert Gitmeid & Associates, P.C. of New York, New York, we’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of the bankruptcy process.

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